I entered the "recovery phase" of my life when I remembered horrible abuse I received as a child. I needed a lot of care than was available. I was receiving kind of a nominal insurance benefit. I got (1) therapy session per week. It didn't even last an hour. Maybe 45 or 50 minutes. I needed daily therapy, or five (5) per week. I was aware if that then and I still think that's correct. I didn't need a residential treatment center with meals provided. Also the psychotherapy I was receiving was often haphazard. I got the feeling sometimes that they were flying (as they say) by the "seat of their pants". So, there I was, deeply wounded as a child by what others had done to me. Yet I had to dig my own way out of that hole. I was about 45 when I remembered abuse. I am now 73, and I'm beginning to really feel better. So who is going to accept the bill for my recovery? I had to pay it myself (insurance lasted a few years). The BSA (Boy Scouts of America) was playing hard-to-get with me about it. My abuser when I was 4 died a number of year previously. They abuse children and they play "hit and run".