Only children who are abused And Not helped after the fact become abusers., And even so sometimes the child may be so magnificent that even without help it does not choose that path.
Since day one we should know that abusers become that way when so much toxicity is kept in shame and secrecy through evil use of power by an adult.
Partners we choose need to be open minded,hugely open minded.
Abuse changes you into a whole different category of person.
You see the world through a different perspective.,I'm not saying a bad one but a less naive one.
Work on your healing and health and for others so one day you'll meet a girl who will say;
"I admire the man that you are,abuse or not"
"And I believe the abuse just made the best of you come out"

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"Survivors need an opportunity to define their own sexuality in their own terms, rather than in reaction to the abuse, so that they stop allowing their offenders to have power over them sexually."