My friend and I were discussing the issue of misplaced attraction today. I'm sure there is a proper term for it, but that is the term we used during our conversation. Basically i'ts the concept that people are attracted to other people to make up for a separate distant relationship. In particular, we discussed whether or not CSA and a distant father could potentially lead a man to be attracted to other men. I know it sounds like we're playing into the hands of so called "exgay" groups, but believe we're not. We both concluded that there is some validity to it, but that this shouldn't automatically debunk the notion of different sexual orientations. Personally I used an example of how I am currently finding myself attracted to one of my professors. He's a great guy and he's really encouraging and I consider him something of a father figure. Yet I am extremely perturbed by the fact that I'm sexually attracted to him. Its a little embarrassing to say the least. Any of you guys out there had similar experiences?

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