I applaud your courage, Soccer. I know where my perp lives. I go out of my way and drive by his house every time I go back home. Some day I will get the courage to confront him, talk with him, ask him about HIS journey with all this.

That may sound mild, but I don't want to vent. I don't want to destroy him like he almost destroyed me and my sister and so many others. I just want answers. My whole life has been nothing but questions, and while drilling into him with anger may satisfy me for a moment, it's the answers I really need.

Does he feel remorse? Does he still fantasize about it? Has he forgotten it? Does he still do that to others? Has he done it to his own kids? His decisions alone determined the actions we both took. I had to bend to his will and accommodate him as a result of decisions he made. So I have dealt for years with the consequences of his decisions. Has he? If he hasn't, isn't it about time?

I have read with interest Ken Singer's suggestion on confrontation. I may soon be putting it to the test. And it will be face-to-face.