Thank you all so much for the suggestions and helping me try to cope with this. I see many in this thread seeking closure of their own, some unsure if it would be worth the emotional risk, a few having gotten it and at least some satisfaction. I hope to get it for myself someday.

Only bad feelings came from speaking to him again, especially now that I have learned that my prolonged sexual identity crisis might have been his doing. I eventually learned to accept, like, and enjoy myself as I am - but it's a terrible shock to think that every day of loathing and guilt and doubt for a decade might have been his. No other hurt came close. That isn't just a guy you cold-call.

To Still: There can be no charges. The statute of limitations for civil action expired on my 19th birthday, and for criminal charges on my 23rd. Every year since 2005 the state assembly has introduced legislation to create a one year "Gotcha Last!" window for people to file claims even after SOL is over and every year it has been blocked - for the pretty sensible reason that it was written only to effect religious institutions and private schools, exempting public schools like mine. So even if they pass it, which they won't, I would still have no legal recourse. Meanwhile, I today would surely be held liable for any claim of stalking, harassment, or slander that he or any of his relatives could suggest. So that letter would have to be VERY anonymous, like, no fingerprints.

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