So True Are The Words Spoken Here Today.

Today's society is so closed minded towards rape victims to begin with and is not talked about openly.

In my opinion male on female rape is only somewhat addressed and only at the surface. We as a society will go after the male and incarcerate him for his misdeeds, and give rather little attension to the female victims. Which in and of itself is sad.

What is even more sad is that when our society is faced with "The Issue of Male on Male rape", it is so shunned that the victim is made to feel as though he was the victim and is left to suffer, and in most cases the perp is left to walk freely and society is left with this conclusion: (There was no crime here, our law enforcement opened an investigation and there must be no credible evidence, no one was brought to trial, so there was no crime here committed.)

Funny thing about this is that I seem to remember back in the 70's and early 80's that there were TV shows portraying this same sentimental value about women (male on female rape) and their rape.

I guess that it's going to take about another 30 years for society to realize that male on male rape DOES IN FACT OCCUR in our society.

Compound the statement above with these issues happening in our military, and then ask yourselves this question; How in the hell does the female victim survive serving in our Armed Forces, let alone a male victim?
Sick and tired of being Sick and tired.