Gecko -

How very powerful and real. We did what we had to do to survive. Now that I know I will never have to endure what I did as a child/teen, Why do I feel the way I feel? I am afraid of everything... From age 8 til 16 I was controlled by my Father, I often had to make decisions... Be beat, or quite frankly... Drop my pants. I know recovery takes time, a lot of time! But I am ready to start a life, but the nightmares and racing thoughts are getting in the way.

I met a boy named Gary a few weeks ago in a therapist environment. It was so real! He was sad, and lost, begging for help from "Big Gary". "Big Gary" could not do a thing but tell him he would get thru it and survive. "Big Gary" told him that there was a better life ahead. But I wonder now, Is there? I would not wish this situation on anybody!