I am not a survivor, just a supporter, but I still hate them because IT REMINDS ME I HAVE NO FAMILY. This is the time when everyone is supposed to get along, but the reality is that I have a sucky family and I want nothing with them or my partner's family (his abusers)

RunningOnEmpty, last year that was basically what my partner wanted for Christmas, we argued cos I knew he would go down the destructive path but he insisted so much I ended up agreeing to his bulls*it. I am sad to say I was absolutely right and everything I was afraid of happening, DID happen.

But so much has happened since and my partner has actually completely stopped seeing his family, we've moved away from both our families and this will be OUR christmas, even though neither of us is excited about the holidays, we are looking forward to spending some time alone. This is not our first holiday season on our own, and I must say, being just the two of us and our cat are the best christmas we've had.

it gets better

(or at least i want to believe so)