I've been kinda conflicted on the codiene Jeff. I get where you're coming from. Either relieve the pain or, in my mind, be "brave". I recall a discussion years ago among a few 12-step friends in various programs with someone facing a similar uneasiness. It came down to, "Fuck being 'brave'. You're hurting. Take care of it."

Simply, my need was 1-2 half tabs spread out over nighttime. Hey, way back when (last month) I was doing a full tab every four hours. Daytime has been fine. But, dumped it 7-10 days ago and gave myself a break before the Gabapentin.

For all it's possible side-effects (particularly vision), the Gaba's been okay, not great. Skin sensitivity continues, but the sudden neuropathic pricks have stopped, as has my years-long RLS (which never particularly bothered me). Mostly, I have an underlying feeling as if I'm Han Solo when he's encased in the Carbonite.

I probably feel better, too, since I haven't attempted a yardwork repeat and have stayed relatively inactive. Drives me nuts. I think that when I get out again - perhaps tomorrow - that will be the test.