My friend, you should let them know that you experienced such pain and hurt, but keep in mind two things:

#1 You should tell them once you feel (more) comfortable doing so. It can be very hard going at this alone or with little internal preparation. This is about YOU and YOUR recovery, and you should say this on your OWN terms. Your recovery process does not, and should not, revolve around your parents. I know that this is hard to do. I come from an immigrant family, and a lot of my "Canadian" supports act as though my family poses no barriers and I can do everything and anything without thinking of them- but that is not always attainable for people like us from such cultures were the family has such control over the individual. However, it is possible. I told my parents of my abuse, and they were also not accepting of my homosexuality. But they are slowly coming around to helping me and supporting me better... you too are a part of the family, and just as you must devote yourself to them, when another member is in need, they will slowly devote themselves to helping you. But it will take time, and there might be things which they never fully understand (such as the normality of homosexuality).

#2 Do not be afraid of exposing them to your pain--- this is about YOU, and this is YOUR suffering. Someone mistreated YOU and you did not ask for this. Do not put yourself and your recovery behind just to not inconvenience those who SHOULD be there for you. In order to recover, you need to put yourself first. Unless you do not want your family in your life or you do everything for them without reciprocation, you should not worry about their exposure to the facts as much as your own recovery from the experiences.

I hope this helps. Remember to always put YOU first, because no one else will!!

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