My H hates this time of year. It was during the holidays that his abuse started and since coming forward with it exactly one year ago, we have been up, we have been down, we have nearly separated, and everything in between.

We seem to have gained some level footing, but again, the holidays are here. I cannot put up Christmas decorations because it sets him off. Any thing that has an anniversary attached to it (on one date the Penn State news broke, on another date he finally told his parents, on another date something else happened..) he hyper focuses on, triggers, and then down the rabbit hole he goes.

It makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the holiday, or any other really. His parents are in town and I didn't want to go out with them today. I just couldn't put on the show. This upset my H and of course brought the whole thing back to him and how he is no good for anyone to be around, etc, etc, etc.

I have long since given up enjoying holidays until he has made some progress, but can any of the partners out there tell me how they SURVIVE the holidays under these circumstances?

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