Hi RachelMac,
I am so sorry you are going through this to. I am a CSA survivor and wanted to mention some things my partner of 13 years made me commit to that helped during my worst times last year.
We sat down and made a contract for each other.

1.Do fair share of housework.
3.We both came up with code words to remove each other from trigger situations. I listened to him when he thought we needed to go or stop talking about something and he respected and listened to me. This was extremely helpful.
4.Do not hold emotions inside
5.Must communicate concerns openly as they arise.
6.I must continue therapy
7.We are a team in life. Do not overprotect each other.
8.Compliment each other.

We came up with these together and signed them and they are both on the refrigerator today. I was on FMLA at the time and I still needed to be accountable. I am in a much better place now. I have always wanted to get better and help others. He has been my rock. But, we can be a handful sometimes. Communication is critical. My cell phone is open for him to look at if he chooses. There is major trust between us. You are an amazing person and deserve the best. I hope this helps, just some advice from this side. I know this stuff sounds simple but when we are going through this it is hard to stay focused and this helped.
Stay strong,
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