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I'm having a hard time dealing with things. I overthink things in my head, over and over. I act out and deal with things in the wrong ways.

Well, jcm, when we do things like that we know that they aren't beneficial to us. But we feel compelled to do them. Sometimes it even feels good to us to self-injure. We feel like we deserve it or like it seems to take away from the emotional pain we feel inside. It usually takes a good therapist to help us break these behavior patterns.

I recently became aware that I also self-injure. But I do it by saying derogatory things about myself to other people. That's pretty destructive. Now that I'm aware of it, I can start to deal with it with the help of my T. That's the way it has to work. You are aware of what you're doing, now you have to work with someone to help you stop.

I also overthink things a lot. I had to come to an understanding of why I do this:
1) My parents were always correcting me too much: 'Don't do this....Don't do that...Do that the other way...., etc.'
2) I've been very unsure of myself - some would call it lack of confidence. A confident person can act swiftly because they're sure they're right. But nobody is right all the time, so being thoughtful is sometimes correct.


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