If I understand correctly, your CSA husband left your marriage and you feel betrayed, hurt, discarded, abandoned, destroyed.

I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY because this happened to me. I didn't find out he was abused as a child until well after he'd left and when I found this place his behavior made sense. He has been gone 14 months now, with another woman.

My pain was intense for about ten months but right now I'm in a good place. You will get there too if you let yourself heal, if you don't define yourself by your husband, his past and his choices.

Focusing on you doesn't mean a new dress or getting your hair or nails done. It means knowing and loving yourself and becoming a happy and fulfilled individual. It can be difficult and it does take time.

You have found a wonderful, understanding place here. Let your pain go here. Consider the advice you receive. The survivors, families and friends are wonderful people with big hearts, big shoulders and a wealth of experience. Pleas lean here and find your strength.