Ask any of our Soldiers, Sailors and any Officers who was sexually assaulted while on Active Duty -- That goes for male on female victims as well as MALE ON MALE. --- Ask them how does all this relate to their experiences in the military? You will find out that our situations are compounded on an unpresedented, most highly exponential scale, because the military has a way of down playing most situations to the point that us the victims have to cave in and do what the military says to do. Because, when we sign on the dotted line: were stating and agreeing to the fact that we've accepted that (even though we'll die for our country at all costs) we've given up our U.S. Constitutional Rights to: "Protect and Defend the Constituion of the United States, against all enemies foreign and domestic..." The key word here is "DOMESTIC", Let me play the devils advocate here, Unless you who are serving our country now and in the past (and you know what I mean) that unless you have lots of money to back up and investigate {Your Situation} and have the power to influence the "Press" to "GET INVOLVED"; most of us "POOR" soldiers, have no other alternative but to accept the military's decision in your matter of sexual assault as; "Our decision is, (THIS) and for the -- GOOD OF THE SERVICE -- (THIS IS WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO.) There is nothing that us the "MILITARY VICTIM" can do about it... EVER...It is such a crying shame that the citizens of the United States or any other foreign country who has a military can tolerate and continue to tolerate the treatment of our service members in this way. Why do we continue to let our tax dollars cover this blemish up with the "Makeup" of deception?
Sick and tired of being Sick and tired.