Before I continue...I am not a medical professional in anyway...everything I say next is just from personal experience.

I have taken MDMA many many times. It is an amazing drug for opening up and talking about stuff. It makes you feel more 'loving and peaceful' and more able to discuss things without feeling under attack. But you will say things and think things (not necessarily bad) that you might not be used to or want to. It does access something inside that makes you want to talk openly and honestly.

It also makes you extremely tactile which many might not enjoy or feel comfortable with. It can also make you feel extremely horny.

I am in no way advocating it for anyone, I am just saying what it does to me. And of course it is illegal. Another thing to bear in mind is that the 'comedown' the next day can cause depression and anxiety.

And in case any law enforcement agencies are reading this, I no longer use MDMA in any form smile
"This is the story of how we begin to remember."

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