Hi All,

Obviously Thanksgiving is a difficult day for many of us. The traditional idea of friends and family coming together can be triggering for many survivors for whom the home was itself a source of danger.

But while acknowledging that, I want to encourage us to try and take at least a few moments today to embrace one part of the Thanksgiving theme that I feel is worth celebrating. It is always a good idea to embrace and express our gratitude for those things in our lives that are good. Many of us spend years trapped in anger, pain, and shame and being able to express our gratitude for something helps to remind us that there are things outside of ourselves that are good.

I'll start by sharing with everyone how grateful I am for having been given the opportunity to give back to MaleSurvivor and for the amazing moments this new role has afforded me so far. I'm also tremendously grateful for all the people who helped to make the conference last weekend our most successful one yet.

I would encourage others to share what they are grateful for, and if they are not feeling particularly grateful, it's ok to share that as well.

I hope you all have a safe and healthy weekend.

Please note, as of September 2016 I am no longer Executive Director. However due to a bug in UBB software that is still unresolved this label can't be removed.