Bobcat, this is the struggle so many survivors suffer in when trying to find healthy, positive support. The answer is understandable, but not easy.

You are right in that in good or evil, God has set limits and is aware of every activity. He permits an amount of evil, buy "why"? Even His own Bible writers asked him why? Habakkuk 1:3 asks why God allowed him to see suffering, surrounded by violence? Rest assured Bobcat, God knows you are suffering. He cares for you and he tells us this in 1 Peter 5:7.

I am proud to see that you are not blaming God for the wickedness Bobcat. God is not wicked nor can He be, that is a lesson that many simply cannot understand, but you have a solid grasp on it.

The whole world is controlled by the wicked one at 1 John 5:19. The wicked one, Satan, has a short period of time to prove his allegations about God and mankind. Remember God gave all his creation free will. Satan and our parents Adam and Eve misused that freedom to act against God and His Purpose. More than that, Satan alleged that Adam and Eve would be better off not listening to God. God has allowed time for humans to be their own authority, to determine if such accusations are true.

Bobcat, we suffer because of the actions of Satan, our first parents, their decisions that have affected generations including our parents and those who we personally know as well as time and unforeseen occurrence. In a world that God does not rule, we can suffer simply from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I hope this clarifies the reason why God allowed this evil and why He did not stop it.

Where is the relief? That is found in understanding the Lord's Prayer in Matt 6:9,10 and 13, but that is beyond the scope of this topic.

My best to you Bobcat, the answers and the relief are present, they are understandable and they are do bring comfort. If I may, I could answer that for you in a PM or another topic?

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