Thanks Lee. There were no dreams last night but I had a really restless night. I was up about every half hour. I'm going to have a day off today and just chill and try catch up on sleep...though I know I will feel guilty about having a day off work smile

And thanks for sharing Gary. I used to have really bad dreams when I was younger and they disappeared for ages. I also used to 'see' people at the bottom of my bed but thank god that has stopped. Obviously with 'digging' the last week, they are coming back, the dreams that is. And totally agree about talking to people who 'understand'.

One of the most amazing things about MS is the fact I can say, "I have nightmares" or "I disassociate/revert" and instead of getting weird looks, I get support and shared experiences :)Can change a shit day into a great day, even on the hardest days.
"This is the story of how we begin to remember."

"...just below my skin I'm screaming..."