The spirit and services behind such organizations as women centers and rape prevention groups is essential, wonderful, AND SHOULD APPLY TO ALL. Unfortunately for us, we are much like those courageous women in the 1960s and 1970s who first brought to light the reality of sexual abuse against women. Amazingly and quite to my disappointment American society (I can't speak for others) is still getting over the shock of male sex abuse. In the 1990s the Catholic Church scandal broke and it was fashionable and much much easier to say this was merely a Catholic thing. Well...

Since then the scapegoat stigma has been moving like a locust from group to group (camp counselors, boy scouts, and so on and so forth). It's as if people don't want to accept male sex abuse as a society wide problem. I understand it is much easier to cherry pick certain groups or even individuals like Sandusky but the message they end up spreading is "this doesn't happen often but guess where we found it happening! LOL newscyclegasm" I genuinely appreciate awareness being spread but the focus of the Sandusky affair seemed to be more focused on its impact on the school, Paterno's record, and Penn State as a whole. There was very little "here are the signs, let's look out, and always TELL" from what I remember.

I don't mind women's groups or any of that (in fact I like them) as long as the general public recognizes the other 8.33% of the United States population that are victims of CSA. Because of the unwarranted stigmatization attached to male victimization there is even more need to have systems in place to protect and promote the interests of male survivors including the adults.

I should never have had the experience of having spoken with a female survivor and had her react verbally/emotionally in a way that basically sounded like "I mean, it makes sense that it happened to me, but it should never happen to you!" It should never have happened to either of us. And if a female survivor is shocked at the possibility of men being victimized as well it worries me.

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