Thank you for the support. Lee, as always your support means much to me. NTL, I am glad this post was able to shine a light into an area that you have struggled with.


Thank you for your validation. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into your post. This is a place of healing and recovery, and one that has saved my life. I come here every day, read many posts and support in any way I can. I learn about myself, about others, and about recovery. I know the work that goes into healing. I have done it, I am still doing it, and I will continue to do it.

I was angry when I wrote the post, but now that some time has elapsed, I realize I was hurt. Hurt because I too want to have the chance to be a father, and having that chance stripped away from me for something I never chose angered me. We all strive to be good men, we are good men. Everyone of us. I took these feelings and posted them on my blog.

Heal well brothers. And thanks again for your replies. Feels good to be validated.


I am the warrior.