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Most importantly, but you know that it is not true that sexually abused children go one to become sexual abusers - absolutely not true!

Thank you. I'm glad some people know this, and please continue to spread this truth. But -
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What is a however true, though very sad, is that most paedophiles and sexual molesters were at some point sexually abused in their childhood!

Not true.

It is true that most convicted sex-offenders CLAIM to have been sexually abused, but the moment researchers started using lie detectors, the figure dropped to 30%. This article suggests that even that is grossly exaggerated.

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IMO, this myth is much loved by the media, and by defence attorneys, because it is so effective at drumming up support and sympathy for sick men (and women) who callously destroy defenceless children's lives and souls, for their own pleasure, regardless of whether it is about power and dominance, or sex.

These people do not deserve ANY sympathy.