I'm alone.
I have isolated myself from absolutely everyone.
It is too painful to deal with people.
My life has become a black hole.
The depths of my despair are too great to overcome.
I tried therapy.
I quit.
It didn't matter.
Nothing I do ever matters.
I keep trying.
I keep giving.
Dream of one day it all being worth it.
But I don't see an end.
I don't see a future.
It has been ripped away.
Can no longer hide my feelings from the world.
Instead I have gone into hiding.
Wrapping myself up in this darkness.
He is my life and my love.
Without him I am done.
I have never been good enough.
For anyone.
I want it to end.
I'm tired.
My heart is getting weak.
Please just let it end.
I am ready.