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I just finished watching the ABC News' 20/20 program on Sandusky Victim #1 Aaron Fisher. The program brought out the great difficulty and bullying and persistence he had to undergo to get the point across. It took 3 years before Sandusky was arrested. Everybody believed 'that Sandusky walked on water'. They wouldn't believe his report.

Silent No More: Victim 1's Fight for Justice Against Jerry Sandusky, by Aaron Fisher


I'm really getting a lot out of this book. I'm not finished with it yet however.

It talks about stuff I either had as a boy or stuff I've experienced in my recovery. Bad dreams. I had very bad dreams as a boy. I guess "he" had told me these things: If you ever tell, I will find you and kill you. The dreams I know I had then were repetitious and of reading in the newspaper that the police had found bodies hacked into pieces and put into various sewers around the city. I guess I also sleep walked. I remember once my sister asked why I was doing that.

When Aaron felt very troubled, he had "conversion symptoms". I had those, and I had them fairly recently. A couple weeks after the abuse and torture, I was still 12 ,we went to a swimming hole. The sight of boys swimming around (in swim trunks), made me very sick. I was sick for 2 days. Aaron got conversion symptoms when waiting for the Sandusky arrest. When I went to the big city to testify to an authoritative committee what happened when I was 12, my back became so intensively painful that I could barely walk. I had to request a wheel chair to change planes. Within 15 minutes after I was through giving my testimony, the pain eased. By the next day I was walking around the city in the sunshine.


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