Thanks for sharing your story, ALovingMum. I am sorry that you and your son had to go through such trauma.

Were the authorities able to do anything based on your son's descriptions?

Based on your story, I am wondering now if I should been aware of what was happening even thought I was between the ages of 4-6 (not sure exactly). I simply did not understand what was happening at the time. The abuser made it seem like it was all a game and since I had no idea what sex or sexual acts were, how was I too know any better?

Then again, I do remember that the last time he tried to abuse me, I resisted. I still didn't know what sex was, but there was something about the way he wanted me to touch him that simpy didn't seem right to my 6 yr old self.

I assume my girlfriend and any other woman I meet (assuming it doesn't work out with my gf) who wants to have children will have a problem with me not wanting to leave children with anyone.

Either one parent has to stop working, or a grandparent will have to be the de facto babysitter.

It truly is amazing how what happened to me as a small child has such reverberations well into my adulthood.

I think I want to tell, but I am beginning to pinpoint my hesitation: If I tell and my parents believe, I think it will help me heal and possibly mitigate my desire for revenge if my parents believe me and are understanding.

However, if they don't believe, it will be doubly devastated, by both the abuse and the fact that they did not believe me.