Contacted the people in my state responsible for funding for various crisis centers after calling one and getting put off and offered no help at all.

Talked to this lady on the phone for quite some time and she pointed me to their site and services section, which only further pissed me the hell off. Told her so and she wanted feedback. First thing I told her was that it was all BS, there wasn't a single thing listed for men to get help. It was all about men helping women. Not a mention of services FOR men.

So she wanted input on language and such and anything to make it better. I told her I'd post it here and get people's input.

So this is actually a serious (she at least came across that way) request for input that hopefully might make a difference.

Check the site out at:

Not that I'm hopeful. I have yet to find women working in this area of things who I have gotten a sense actually give a shit or even really believe men/boys can be abused/raped. Oh sure I've found a few who "tow the line" so to speak to keep their funding, but body language always tell me they're more pissed off at the thought of having to use some of their funds to help men.