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I'm a morpher, in the sense that I'm a different person with different people. I pretend to agree with the other person(I actually really hate that about me) and I just change myself in the moment so that who ever I am speaking to likes me and we get along without conflict.

Can anyone relate? How can I develop that strong inner-self? How can I figure out who I am when everything seems fleeting?

Hey irregular

I can relate to the other stuff you said as well. But when I read this I was just like YES - That is me. I call myself (so does my wife) a cameleon. I change myself so much. If I am around someone a lot I even start to dress and talk like them. With one of my friends I even changed my hairstyle/goatee to the same as his. We were the same height, colouring and body type and people couldn't tell us apart - I cloned him. Looking back it is a bit creepy. Lol. I guess on some level I wanted to be him (he was a very confident carefree kind of guy - with a strong sense of who HE was). That is a really extreme example. Most of the time I just go with the flo, pretend to like what they like and agree with people to try to fit in. I feel very weak willed. But it has gotten to the point that I have no idea who I am. I have no idea of 'self'.
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