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I don't believe telling others for you to heal is dishonoring your parents - you're doing it for your healing - it's not even against them in that regard. I also don't believe God would expect you to not report something if you saw abuse (or any crime).

Yes, thank you. That is true.

I guess I was just slightly triggered because of the similarity to my mother's reaction when I told her...

Thank you, everyone, for your insights. This pastor is (fortunately) not our regular pastor. At this stage I am considering making an appointment with our regular pastor, and asking him to help me understand this better. I have spoken to him about my past before, so I think he should be able to help me place everything in context.

I really want to understand what God expects from me...

But first I have to deal with the issues from my other thread. My T keeps telling me "one thing at a time", and I keep struggling to stick to that. So I'll take her advice for now. I'm sure God will understand if I postpone this for a week or two...
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