I have been a long time lurker but have been to shy to introduce myself or type something out. But today was a difficult day and I just needed to do something to make it feel like it was worth going through the pain.

Short background of my abuse: 30 years ago a man in a movie theater sexually assaulted me and I was forced to relive it through a 3 month court battle in front of 20 adults that were law students even after requesting privacy from the judge. My abuser only got 4 years in prison. As he abused me he told me that if I ever told I he would kill me and all my family ... you know the same crap... I know who you are and where you live.... graphic details of how etc.
I was also being abused by a gang of teenagers in my neighborhood at relatively the same time. They would use me however they saw fit mostly sexually.
Needless to say for years it was all I could do to get out of the house. To this day I still loathe meeting strangers and going to new places. And I usually end up drinking to deal with it.

Anyway... that's enough of my sob story. I hope I can meet you all and we can help each other continue to survive this roller coaster called life.