There are lots of guys here whose experiences make mine look like losing a game of freeze-tag. Four in particular astound me that they lived and retained sanity at all. Don't think I should name names but seriously - badasses whether they see it that way or not, just by waking up each day.

But I think it's just "not done" to try to upsize / downrank folks' experiences - like you're Quint and Hooper having a scar-fight in Jaws. Was the moray eel bigger than the thresher's tail?

First of all, it just seems tacky.

More importantly, invalidating a person's experiences can be a form of re-victimization - and that's just as true when it comes from within. You "count". Your experience counts. The crime against you counts.

And besides, it's plainly a waste of time because Robbie Middleton "wins".

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