Thanks Publius

Ok earlier today I was feeling pretty stupid for overreacting to this incident in the showers - like I was just being over sensitive. I was feeling very embarrassed that I even brought it up and wanted to delete the whole tread.

I have since come to the conclusion that it definitely was abuse. I guess I was down playing it in my original description and how it affected me. These boys that I looked up to in every way (4 years older than me) masterbated each other in front of me and then tried to push their erect penises into my bottom. Also I feel like more happened at other times but I have no clear memories.

I don't care what anyone says - that was NOT OK.

I tried to think 'what if this was the only thing that ever happened to me'. Would that have had an adverse affect on an average 6 year old - forgeting about their motives. The answer is of course it would.

I will be doing something about Jim. At this stage I think I'll write a letter to the national, state and local offices of the Boys Brigade - probably anonymously. I've got to follow my gut. I think WE all have a special sense that picks up on sexual preditors and this guy really sets off alarm bells. I am geniunely concerned that he hasn't changed and may hurt or already has hurt another child.

I'm sorry I got everybody stirred up about this but thankyou all for your input....really.
More than meets the eye!