Hi JD. Welcome aboard.

I'm just starting to figure out what this place is about. Initially it was about tears for me. I would start reading a thread and would be crying often within a couple of minutes. (I've becove quite sensitive in the last year and a half) The stories would tear me up and I would have to leave and stay away for a while. Then I'd come back and go through it all again.

But eventually some of my tears were tears of joy from the progress some of the guys had made. It may just be a small step but sometimes those small steps are really significant.

It can be a little confusing at first since you don't know anyone here and different people use this place in different ways.

I find that I get a better understanding of some of my issues when I read what others are going through or have gone through.

I have yet to introduce myself and post my story. I'm getting more comfortable here so maybe soon.

Once again welcome.