This is the result of an assignment in the survivor's Writer's Group I attend. We were to write about something we were most ashamed about, or most angry about...

           breeding hate
in its fiercest form

so many acts
    deeds done
         or things said

starting the seedlings
     that slowly entwine my heart
                       carrying the genetic material
           that makes me one of his
     his semblance molded into me completely

is what I hate, that which is most shameful

           a happening…?

   or something within me?
the final breeding ground
     for all the betrayal
           lack of care
                 spiteful cruelty

yet there is one thing
     most hated
     most despised
     and most shameful

and every morning
     I deal with it anew
           as I stand at the mirror

     torn between
           shaving his face
  and slitting his throat
Number of WoR's attended: 3
Last attended: 2011