Thank you for responding so quickly smile

I now live in England and have not been back to SA since 2004. The parallels between our stories are uncanny sometimes...for instance , my father was British and my mother South African and the lack of emotion, hugs etc. made it impossible to tell them. I was also 'picked on' in the army for being 'English'. I disagreed with a lot I saw going on and have my suspicions that a lot of what happened was 'corrective rape'.

As with you, because I could not name my attackers (it was always in the dark while I was on guard duty) I knew no one would believe me. And I always felt that if I did say anything, I would go 'missing in action'.

I am still terrified of going public even to family and friends, such is the inbuilt terror of some one coming after me.

You are an inspiration in the work you do.
"This is the story of how we begin to remember."

"...just below my skin I'm screaming..."