HI wrldtrvlr

Im sorry that you had to find this out, life is going to be a little different for you both from now on.
The first thing that you need to understand is that this is not something that you can fix. Only your boyfriend can fix this for himself, so he will need to WANT to heal himself. This may sound a little harsh, but you must understand that some men are so embarrassed about their CSA past that they dont want to deal with it.
So you need to do only three things.
1) Make sure that you are not a Co-Dependent, and that you look after your self first and foremost.
2) Learn as much as you can about this and try to educate, in love, this man that you care for. Hopefully what you learn will open his eyes and help him to heal.
3) Encourage him to join this site and talk about his past. Oh And NEVER take it personally, I know sounds crazy because it is your boyfriend and you love him, but all the survivors here can tell you that recovery can be a really ugly process.

Don't ever let your standards and values slip because he wants you too. You are your own person, so take care of yourself.

Heal well

Oh And feel free to PM Me anytime.
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