I've been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year and yesterday he told me (very little) about his story. I feel especially bad for a couple reasons.

One: He only told me about it because I found something embarrassing as I was betraying him by reading his email .

Two: I'm the only person he's ever told and I'm pretty sure he never would have told me had the aforementioned never happened.

Now he tells me that he doesn't know how to act around me because he's embarrassed and ashamed. I don't know if he feels this way because of what I discovered in his email or because of what happened to him. Most likely both. I know that he's not ready to talk to me about it and he is going to schedule an appointment with a professional but I'm lost as to what I can do for him and myself. I feel betrayed because of what I found, sad,of course, and completely overwhelmed, among other things.

I guess I also don't know how to act around him. Do I pretend everything is ok? I've already told him that I'm here if he needs to talk and that I won't bring it up, but it feels like an elephant in the room (I think that's the right phrase). I sent him a link to this website in the hope of helping him find a way to cope, but I've found in reading some of the posts that I need help too.

Can anyone shed some light on my role? I've read a few things but I feel like I need more.