Last night I was on the phone to my mum for her weekly emotional support session. She still uses me that way...but not the point of this post. blush

She told me that my 13 year old nephew went on an adventure camp for Boy's Bridage (christian version of Scouts). She was worried because there have been violent storms. I said he'd be fine and at least it would be a real adventure. That was until she said that Jim (not his real name) was organising the weekend. Jim is the friend that my middle brother sexually abused me with when I was 6 and they were 10. mad

The abuse did not happen at Boy's Brigade but all of us boys were in Boy's Bridage and my brother and I dropped out after a few years. Jim went on to be a leader. He quit a few years ago and I was relieved. He also has an 11 year old son. My brother and Jim stopped being friends about 25 years ago (when they were 15) and are pretty much just civil to eachother now. They live in the same town and their boys go to Boy's Brigade together. It is as if nothing ever happened between them sexually. But I know better.

Just to set the scene...this guy is a real sleeze. My wife is a real judge of character usually (except where I'm concerned - love is blind) and from the moment she met this guys she thought he was a sleeze and couldn't stand to be around him.

What the hell is my brother thinking letting HIS son go away with this guy.....My mind is going at 100 miles an hour!!!

Maybe it was just experimentation for them and they grew up to be normal well adjusted men - It is all behind them now.

Maybe my brother is too ashamed to admit what happened because of how it will reflect on him.

Maybe it is a pedophile ring....surely not

Maybe both Jim and my brother have abused their own sons

This just makes me mad mad mad mad
More than meets the eye!