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I use Hobbies for more than just the fun of doing them. They also halp me gage how psychologically strong I am. if I dont want to engage in the Hobbies I have had for yrs, I know there is a problem. I guess it acts like a self-aweness trigger.

I never gave it much thought but looking back over the last five years I can see the lack of interest in my hobbies paralleled the decline of my mental health.

Photography is my most recent new/old hobbie. I got pretty serious into it in the early 90's then I dropped it. I then got into target shooting, handguns mainly. Rediscovered photography in the digital era about 2005. While I still do some photography now and then I haven't shot any of my guns for over four years. I keep telling myself, "next year I'll get back to it". I started an electronic project that I haven't touched for a couple of months but that is my primary goal. A radio transmitter receiver project related to my photography. I've also got a lathe and milling machine and have an interest in metal casting but haven't done anything for a number of years except for some machining for stuff at work. Lots of other things I would like to do if I had the time.