Hm, hobbies...

I started out buying used cars and flipping them. I would purchase vehicles with power train or suspension issues and repair them, then sell them. This was not a "frame off" nor even a "frame on" resortation, but simply repairing the broken item and selling for a profit(hopefully). I have owned over 400 cars, yup, no fooling. A large portion of them had a "skip title", where the car was purchase by me but not titled by me, I passed the title on to the purchaser after I repaired the vehicle. No, it's not legal and I do not do that anymore. My favorites are a 1966 Chevrolet Super Sport Convertible with numbers matching 396 big block motor and turbo 350 transmission.

It's no wonder I live in a house with headlights, lol. I also did some minor work on diesels.

Carpentry was my next hobby. I loved to frame and build, but interior finish carpentry got my attention. I love the exactness and precision of "butting", "mitering" seams of wood with correct grain and color together. That was intense... until I broke down and the controls of the abuse overwhelmed the coping mechanisms. Still...

My greatest hobby is rebuilding from the inside out, and especially supporting my sons as they leave out on their own and my wife, returning the support she has given me. In the latter, I have 22 years to go and a lifetime to bring myself up to the level of care she generously gave.

Thanks blacken, this was a great deal of fun.
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