I use Hobbies for more than just the fun of doing them. They also halp me gage how psychologically strong I am. if I dont want to engage in the Hobbies I have had for yrs, I know there is a problem. I guess it acts like a self-aweness trigger.

My 3 most favorite hobbies related to wine, beer & dirtbikes.

I started making wine about 15 yrs ago, because it was a family tradition of several generations. Being Italian may be part of it too.
Wine...I like vararity. But usually stick with dry, reds. Like Cabs, Malbec, Merlots, Zin & Pinot Noir. Including various blends of all of those. I have about 40 case (12 bottles to a case) of wine on hand now. Its not all bottled yet either....lots of work, but I dont mind.

Then I got into making beer about 13 yrs ago. Which is fun too. Related to wine but yet, different too.
I am currently out of homebrew. Usually I like to keep 2 kegs (5 gallons each) on hand for myself & guests. Then have 2 more aging in the basement to replace as needed.

Then my older (7 yrs) brother got me into dirtbiking about 5 yrs ago.
We have 2, 150cc, 4 stoke, Honda's, and a 125cc, 4 stroke Yamaha. All are trail bikes.
Yes, I did break something riding. But that didnt stop me.

I do have other minor hobbies, but these are the major ones.