I began a relationship this year after several years being unattached. I began therapy last year and admitted for the first time to anyone else my experience with CSA. I have not shared that with anyone else, including my family.

Long story short, I was talking with my girlfriend and she was telling me about her experience as a special ed teacher and one boy in particular, who was a serial abuser that they were watching closely to prevent him attacking anyone.

She said that he himself was abused and that that was why he was an abuser, she said that all abusers had once been abused themselves.

At this point I stepped in to ask the question "but surely it's not the same in reverse- not all abused kids turn into abusers?"

She said that yes, all abused kids turn into abusers.

I did not push the question too much because I did not want the conversation to turn back to me.

Now I am troubled. I like this woman a lot. Maybe I love her. I can't say that this will be a long term relationship, it's only been a few months. But I feel like I cannot trust her with my story. Not now, not ever.

Anyone have a similar experience?
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My profile photo is me around the time of my experience.