Here's a true story.

I'm a horn player (not a horny player frown )

I heard this from a guy who was a student of one of the great horn players. These horns have lots of coils and bent tubes and they are of course precision - made. Well when you're playing a horn, the breath carries water which condenses in the horn, just like a still (it is a still in a sense smile ). So the water collects in the horn and starts to gurgle. It will go burp..burp..burp.. It's quite audible!!! So the water has to be dumped out occasionally. Also the horn tends to collect inside food particles and sledge from drinking coffee or whatever. The food then starts to spoil or turn into a green sludge. What happened is that this great horn player, who was completely obsessive-compulsive in every way and always wore a suit and tie etc., during a private lesson, took out one of the crooks where the water collects. It was a "U" - shaped tube. So he gave it a good hefty puff of air in one end.... the other end was pointed at his immaculate tie. Well, this big glop of green goop flew out of the tube and onto his previously immaculate tie. It was a great fall of a giant horn player. smile

Puffer (now you know why I'm "Puffer" )