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My H keeps our house a complete mess with his hobbies...very annoying and it makes me feel closed in and claustrophobic. Does anyone else's H do that? I always end up cleaning for him and he gets mad, but his stuff literally takes over my living room....is there a reason for this?

I live alone so I don't have anyone to annoy with all my stuff. When I finally get my livingroom cleaned up it is great, but for some reason it just never stays that way. If I have the space it will always get consumed with something. Just too much stuff and too much not completed.

I now rarely work on my hobbies or projects because I don't have the energy to get past the initial interest phase. There is so much I want to do but knowing the ammount of effort needed to complete anything holds me back from moving forward.

I don't know if there are anything common between your H and I. But I get to get away with this as my home is my space alone. I can do what I want. I could/should never be able to do what I do (or don't do) if I lived with someone.

Tell him that it is unfair that he has taken over your whole house. You deserve (and need) to have some control over your environment. All I can think about is the CSA issue of boundaries. In the case of you and him and your house there seem to be none. And he has assumed it all. I don't think the problem is the hobbies that are started and not completed and are accumulating rather than the disregard for the sharing of the space available and your needs.