Sorry but I feel like I need to finish the list.
132. I hate that I am addicted to gay porn
133. I hate that there are pornographic images of me on the net
134. I hate that someone I know may have seen them
135. I hate that I still let my brother put me down and make me feel inferior (even though I am now taller, better looking, better built, more successful, happier and have a bigger one)
136. I hate that even if I did decide I was gay I feel like I'm too old to be gay now
137. I hate that I feel like this and have to pretend that everything is ok.
138. I hate that I feel like my friends wouldn't like me anymore if they knew what I was really like
139. I hate that I've seen so many penises
140. I hate that I wasn't clever enough to write this in iambic pentameter and post it in the poetry section.
More than meets the eye!