Hi Friends,

This is a rambly post, sorry!

Looking for your thoughts and advice and wanted to give an update. Since I've posted last, my H decided to take FMLA leave (job protected medical leave) from work since he was VERY close to being let go. He was not performing due to the CSA issues. FMLA requires that he gets medical help.

We are going into the second week of his leave, and he still hasn't made an appointment with anyone. I gave him some info on EMDR and he thought it was interesting--even said he may do that. But I'm concerned that because my family and I pushed him into taking the leave (thus forcing him to get help) that this won't work. Because it didn't come from him 100%, I'm worried that this won't be effective. Anyone have any thoughts on that? Anyone's H have to ever take FMLA because they couldn't perform at work due to the CSA?

Since he's been home our relationship is somewhat improved. We talk more because he is around more, and he helps a little more. But the same bad habits are still there as well as those days where he is off in his own world (you know, those ones where a bomb can go off and you still can't grab his attention...sigh). Hopefully things start to turn around. Random question: My H keeps our house a complete mess with his hobbies...very annoying and it makes me feel closed in and claustrophobic. Does anyone else's H do that? I always end up cleaning for him and he gets mad, but his stuff literally takes over my living room....is there a reason for this?

So things seem to be on the up, but I'm still cautious. I hope everyone is hanging in there and has a good holiday. This quote I read made me feel hopeful, so I thought I'd share. "Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we are waiting for." Not sure who said it. But it made me feel good because I sometimes wonder why I stick around and deal with this stuff when I get hurt so often. So I'm THANKFUL for little reminders like that. smile