Hang on Sam I've been trying to figure out and I wish if by this talk the outcome won't be further isolation for you frown
I must say that all your family dynamics is very mysterious for me, I tried to catch it trough all your post but somehow it slipped away.
I can't place your brother nor your parents and you all together and I can't say nothing on confrontation to your brother. I mean I don't know when and how did you confronted your sister but above them most I would like to know more about your parents (especially father). Have you confronted ever your father?
I'm saying this because I have one image of you so vivid that is hurtful.
I would like that you confronted him; you know when seeing little Sam left alone at home sneaking around to fridge that scene is hurtful beyond imagination for me. I'll never forget it, it is so vivid and so strong, I can see you watching on street for any sound/sign of his car frown
Sorry if I'm wrong or too direct, I've just said what I feel.
I see confrontation as giving message to people who were too selfish to take and see the true. I'm talking about people who intentionally did harm and used own power as demonstration of shear force erasing any safe border and playing with others like they were toys.
By confrontation we should face them with painful reality and their wrongdoings. Based on results of such collision it depends what is the future: controlled and limited approach to abusive persons under our terms only or trying to reconnect in full.
I'm always for first option if toxic persons are included.

Is it possible to live without own family?
Sometimes survival is not possible otherwise frown

Hang on (((Sam)))


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