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Thanks you so much for the support, guys.

The odd thing is, I kinda like who I am now. I am proud of how far I came. I pulled myself up from growing up on the wrong side of the tracks and eventually living on the streets, to owning a three-bedroom house in one of the more exclusive neighbourhoods in the city. I am good at my job, and respected by my co-workers. I was a good husband, even if it took a while to get there. I am working my ass off at being a good boyfriend now. And more important than anything else, I am a way better father than I even imagined I could be.

And yet, it takes so little to dump me back into self-loathing. I could never understand that.

Hey Gecko, your story is so inspiring. We all are too fragile and sometimes look like not much is needed to fall to some dark place. But all people are made like this. We as survivors are armed with experience form long internal fights and many victories that we gained. Who would rise again if not some of us smile ?
I need to remind myself occasionally not to be afraid of falls, I went trough a lot o things, why should I be scared of anything smile

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