I heard about a house (or two) that did burn down wink

There aren't enough rocks and all houses should be made of glass, then maybe perps would think twice before they do harm!

I am trying to understand/get over a recent incident in my life. My father, after telling me not to call or email him, he recently called me (over a year had gone by since we last spoke) and asked me to reminisce with him about the good times we had in our house. I told him "No thanks, I barely remember the good times, but I do remember the horrific abuses that occurred there after you skipped out and refused to pay any child support (even though he could afford to) thus resulting in my mother renting out rooms to perps (she didn't know, but she was no angel herself)so I'd rather not think about that house, ever again"

He still insisted, so I played along for a few sentences, but I won't soon forget his insensitivity.

I don't often post and I'm sorry for shitting on your thread, but who woulda thunk a thread about a house would (trigger) piss me off so much!