Yesterday I went somewhere and spoke to a young man who seemed distressed. I Don't know him well but we speak occasionally, I have never told him of after my past or what I do.
He seemed distracted and eventually told me that his nephew had been committed to an institution, I casually asked why? and he told me that there was a man that had raped him. The young man is in his early teens and it is one hell of a dilemma for me because MM only deals with men from 18.
How can I turn my back on a young life that is in distress. How can I be so callous as to just say and do nothing.
I offered to talk to him and tell him my story, I mean I cant just leave the poor lad alone so I offered.

What can I tell this lad, Im sure that just telling him my story will already help him a lot.
Being a teenager was for me a long time ago, and it is a period of my life that I would rather forget, so if you all can offer some advice I would be happy.

Heal well all
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