Excellent timing on the post Gecko. Just yesterday I was sorting through pictures looking for something else and came across one my dad took of me just months after the school/camp abuse, same age as you. I'd forgotten the pic even existed.

Dad had taken me to see the Battleship Missouri in Seattle - at that time, just weeks before the marking of 25 years since the Japanese surrender - on one of my rare visits with Dad. It's a pic of a dedicated future pro photog striding with his first used SLR towards another shot on the deck. But he's not smiling. Just into his shots.

Among the thoughts I had was how dedicated Dad was to encouraging my interests. From today's perspective on the circumstances of my life at the time, I thought it was appropriate I'm backed up by the Missouri's large guns. I'm also touched that Dad had some insight to take the shot.

And, yes, I got weepy because I knew what this teenager had gone through in the previous year, how relieved he was for the respite, and how he so wanted to tell Dad what was going on but didn't know how to. He knew he couldn't tell Dad's ex-wife, a self-absorbed bitch who'd continue to verbally and emotionally abuse the kid for years.

This teenager is my best friend and I'm still getting to know him. Thanks Gecko.